The Story

Grass Knuckles was designed for smokers, by smokers, for those times when you really need a smoke but your hands are occupied. As the most ergonomically, very first hands-free smoking device, Grass Knuckles gives you the capability to complete your task without stopping for a smoke break.

How it Works

Simply insert a cone or filtered cone/cigarette on one end, while using the other end as the mouthpiece. Slide Grass Knuckles on your fingers and enjoy your smoke sesh! Light weight, secure, and comfortable on your hand, Grass Knuckles keeps your cone/cigarette in place and your hands germ free to do what you please.

  • Hold a cellphone
  • Put on make up
  • Play video games
  • Garden pruning
  • Holding a drink – Even flip the bird
  • And many more uses all while smoking…

Join the Grass Knucklehead Family today and see what everyone is smoking about!

Made in USA  (Patent Pending)


Made in USA

Patent Pending